The Carnival 2011

Another Carnival has left, the "calli" are full of Coriandoli ....pieces of coloured paper that people throw in the air  ( similar to confetti) , the shops are taking down all of the decorations, people are putting away their fantastic customes....that will be used again next year, San Marco square is getting a clean up, and the stage is almost gone!!! 

Another Carnival has gone!!
But we take this occasion to thanks all of our customers  that arrived in hundreds to celebrate this special event in this fantastic city:Venice.

To start with let's talk about the Carnival itself. 
This vibrant  and playful festival usually preceds the abstinence of Lent ( the period before Easter). Its a period  of time where people dresses with Masks and costumes, where, back in the days, social divisions were dissolved, participants played practical jokes and anything goes.
This tradition began in the 11th century but it reached  the peak of its popularity in the 18th century. unfortunatelly too much industrialization took over the leisure time and let the festival to a long and sad decline until 1979 when it was succesfully revived.

The main occasions that are celebrated, apart from masks and costumes, and that  need to be pointed out are:
Il volo della colombina : 
The traditional  Flight of the Dove started in 1500 when an acrobat turkish that, from a boat, managed to reach the bell tower of the Basilica of San Marco walking on a rope. On the way back instead he reached the balcony  of the Doge and gave his greetings to him. This event was so that the  organizers and the public decided to add it in the  official celebrations of the Carnival of Venice.

Il ballo del Doge:  Il ballo del doge  by Monica Cesarato, Official website of this event.

La vogata del silenzio:
During the last night  of the Carnival a  closing ceremony is held: "the row of the silence". Several boats, rowing strictly, marched along the Grand Canal as they glide silently around the buildings are lit by hundreds of candles. Thousands of curious tourists watched from the banks  the passage of boats, observing in silence. 

Theatre Fenice: Il ballo della Cavalchina: a traditional event held in this amazing theatre especially for the Carnival season

Many more are the events held in Venice during the Carnival season so be sure to check out our fan page on Facebook to have all the latest information for this event, for next year of course!!!!

If you have been to the Carnival and have pictures that you like to share with us please feeel free to post them on the comment section, or if you have any thing to say about Venice we are here to listen!!

Happy Carnival to you all!

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