Getting out and about in Venice: San Marcuola

Hi, we discovered that tourists need as many information about Venice as they can. So we decided to build up a sort of Bible of Venice. We will create, as we go along, little chapters of each Venetian area. So please it would be nice for you to comment and add things that you think are worth to know in relation to the topic area discussed!! :-)

This time we will explore the area closed to San Marcuola  boat stop.
If you take water bus (vaporetto) number 1 from the Station the second  stop is precisely   San Marcuola.
Vaporetto, Water Bus

This area offers several tourist attractions such as:

Church San Marcuola

The church of san Marcuola, right next to the stop, it was built between 1728-36 and is was dedicated to St ermagora and St Fortunatus, unfortunatelly the facade was never finished.

CasinĂ² di Venezia
Il Casino di Venezia located in the Palazzo Vendramin Calergi. This palace was designed by Mauro Coducci, it is an early Renaissance building. The famous composer Richard Wagner died in htis building in the 1883.

Palazzo Erizzo

Palazzo Marcello
 Palazzo Marcello birthplace of composer Benedetto Marcello in 1686, rebuilt in the 18th century.

Palazzo Erizzo displayes two painting bepicting the feats of Paolo Erizzo, who died fighting the Turks in 1469.

Palazzo Emo
Palazzo Emo belonged to a famous Venetian admiral Angelo Emo.

Palazzo Labia
Palazzo Labia  the Ballroom of this palace is frescoed with Tiepolo's  Story of Cleopatra with a peculiar Venetian setting, it was lately owned by Rai ( italian broadcasting company) now it is  open to tourists by appointment.

San Geremia

San Geremia a church that houses the relics of St Lucy (santa Lucia).

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Have a good holiday!

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