Carnival 2012


Image Roberta Carraro 

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most popular and luxurious event that characterize this city. Throughout the period you will meet people wearing masks around the streets, squares and bridges. The city turns into a movie set where fine clothes, big wigs and masks are mixed with modern features. A jump back in the history of this city will let you relive customs and traditions that you can only find here. You also have the opportunity to engage yourself in the beautiful art of disguise. offers you the chance to get in touch with companies that rent period costumes and everything you need to fully dress your self, following the true Venetian tradition. In addition you can also create your own Venetian mask learning the original art of mask making thanks to local artists that will visit you in your apartment to teach the gentle art of decorating a Venetian mask. To learn more contact us at

Apartment Rialto Mercato

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